Saturday, February 23, 2008

Uganda now turns to Busta

Here comes the Busta Bus, call him Busta Rhymes...
Reports say he could drop-by Uganda for a show.
Yes, that wonderful thing called the grapevine has been working overtime.
But what’s sparked the entire Busta natter?
Well, the Jamaican American hip hop musician and actor, aged 35, will perform in Tanzania come next month and the organiser in Tanzania has told Rafshizzle that he has been contacted by Uganda promoters expressing interest to hold a Busta Rhymes concert in Uganda.
And yet we have also overheard of a telecommunication company planning to bring in a big US singer to counter MTN Uganda who brought UB40.
So putting together a speculative one and one, the resulting two has been that Busta could be the easier American artiste to bring given the fact that he would be near Uganda when he comes to Tanzania.
When we asked the Tanzania promoter if the Ugandan guys have already paid deposit or done something significant as far as Busta is concerned, his lips sounded no.
So there you have it.

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