Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis here

CAPTION: Kristin Davis in Muyenga, Uganda

It has been a case of Rafshizzle smoking out international celebrities as they try sneaking into the country but we have to admit, this time we were beaten.
Surely, how could a Hollywood star as big as Kristin Landen Davis sneak into the country without our knowledge?
For those that don’t know, on the Sex and the City series (it shows on DStv M-net series), Davis plays the innocent and adorable Charlotte York, a sweet and sensitive counterpart to the more blunt crassness of the program’s three other female main characters. She also played on Melrose Place and has starred in several movies.
She clandestinely jetted into Uganda on February 3 to visit Oxfam’s programmes in Northern Uganda.
And we missed her arrival but Rafshizzle Sherlocks worked overnight and found her at Oxfam Uganda headquarters in Muyenga as she presented bicycles to youths who won the climate change competition.
Davis, who is also the global ambassador for the international aid agency Oxfam then said, “This is my first visit (to Uganda) and I am really looking forward to meeting the people and seeing the country.”
Well, we’re also happy to see you, Ms Davis, but why were you hiding from us?

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