Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nvannungi set to introduce Handy?

HAPPY WE GO: Nvannungi with hubby-to-be Handy at Nantongo's launch last week

Slow down, Princess, we can’t keep up.
A split from this government official, rumours of dates with that army officer, then a married man and now some Handy-lovin?
Folks, sit down, make yourselves comfortable and allow me to bring you up to speed!
Apparently, Princess Sheila Nvannungi and half-caste businessman Handy, a.k.a Dr. Mzungu, have been spotted having a bit of mouth-to-mouth in Kampala nightspots.
This follows sightings of the pair strolling round Wandegeya holding hands. Huh, is Dr. Mzungu the doctor she was singing about…wait to answer!
This isn’t the first time this gossip has floated Rafshizzle’s way.
Back in February 2007, some one suggested to me Nvannungi was romancing Handy, but she denied everything when I met her at CBS FM.
To make it even more confusing, it was in that very period that the bootylicious princess was said to be enjoying a date or two with a married man whose wife appeared on the front pages of some newspapers vowing to strangle her if she didn’t leave her man alone.
So, I was not sure what to believe until last week when Nvannungi herself broke the news at Sophia Nantongo’s album launch at Hotel Equatoria.
She said, “It’s now safe for me to unveil my fiancé Handy to all of you...”
“Can’t you see,” she said as she showed an engagement ring on her finger, “I will introduce him to the public next month (August) at Mesach Semakula’s launch at Hotel Africana, then the big introduction at my parents’ home (in Kyaggwe) will follow very soon.”
Nvannungi said she is “SERIOU” and I want to believe her for at least one more final time.
Princess, hope there’s no more pick ‘n’ mix?

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