Sunday, August 5, 2007

I present to you the Big Brother housemate…

Here at the Rafshizzle shed, I don’t believe in keeping a secret for more than 24 hours…
Therefore as far as yesterday’s story on Big Brother Ugandan housemate is concerned, I have decided to return with something more detailed...
I’m sure at this time (Sunday August 5, 10 a.m.) Multi-choice can’t claim I’m doing them ‘serious’ harm by revealing the BBA 2 Ugandan housemate. I know you guys always want to take your viewers by surprise but then how does Rafshizzle gain in all this when I’m hiding juicy info from my subscribers (it’s unfair either way…).
But why should I waste a lot of space explaining this…
The Ugandan girl going for Big Brother 2 is called Maureen Namatovu. She is a designer. Actually, I remember she designed a dress for the queen of Buganda Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda in 2004. A month after graduating from Vogue Institute of Fashion Designing in Bangalore, one of the best fashion schools in Southern India, Namatovu was blown away by the Nnabagereka’s request to make her a dress for the 2004 Pearl of Africa Music Awards.
I would have thought that she was lucky because Ambassador William Matovu, her father, work for the Buganda Government at Bulange but then it was a remarkable dress that the Nnabagereka fancied. You see even in India, Namatovu was christened "designer in her own world", after tucking away two of the seven awards vied for by 30 finalists - the Best Accessories and Jury Special Awards in 2004.
Maureen Namatovu contested for Miss Uganda in 2001 alongside the likes of dancer Natasha Sinayobye, Bebe Cool's wife Zuena Kirema, Juliet Epenu, Amina Namalwa, Jane Nambuya, Latifa Mubaraka and Carolyn Rugwira among several others. She was voted Miss Congeniality though Victoria Nabunnya was crowned Miss Uganda that year. Namatovu is not just a designer and dancer but also a photographer and poet. She didn't only participate in three of Namasagali's productions like Great Ceaser and Bazook, but she also performed with Footsteps, a contemporary dance group. In fact she was destined for a dance school in Wolver-hampton, United Kingdom, after her A’levels she needed a career she would lean on for a long time and so she opted for fashion. During the first Big Brother, she was studying in India but she says she knows about all what happened in the previous house.
However, Maureen Namatovu comes from an upright family and so folks, don’t hope to see her doing it Gaetano Way.
The first time I spoke to her was some six months ago when UK-based artistes Da Twinz asked me to connect them to her.
At that time, I only knew her in photos but had never met face to face. Don’t ask me why Denis Mugagga of Da Twinz wanted to talk to her…all I can say is that she is lovely and beautiful so boys, brace yourselves for a bootylicious shower hour. In fact she can sing, dance, play different instruments and most of all she is a brilliant designer.
I believe she is a right candidate.

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