Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who owns the Miss Chogm rights?

WHAT NEXT: Devine Models' Richard Flavour seems to say

Beauty pageants in Uganda have more swings and roundabouts than a sugar plantation…
And this doesn’t seem to end soon…many other funny things continue to happen during these pageants.
And now, just a few days after we had closed the chapter of the controversial Miss Uganda, there is another battle and this time it’s about who should organise Miss Chogm.
I’m sure everyone knows about Chogm and most people are targeting to make a killing during the meeting in November so you can’t blame these guys for bringing up a beauty contest for this. And early this week I saw an advert of a company looking for Miss Chogm contestants. The company claimed they were legally recognised by the Chogm National Organising Committee.
However, just days after that advert, there arose another group and this time the popular Devine Models Company saying that the ones who advertised are “dead fake.”
Describing himself as Project Manager, the Devine Model boss Richard Flavour told Rafshizzle: “We are the only authorised company to organise this event (Miss Chogm), every one who tries to duplicate our original idea will be wasting his/her time because already a number of people are already duplicating the event…”
I don’t know a lot about Chogm but I understand there is a Chogm Organising committee and I would expect someone to come out and save the situation before we get seven Miss Chogms.
But folks, what about having Miss Pre-Chogm, Miss Chogm and then maybe Miss After-Chogm…

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