Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chameleone tours US with family

MUST LOVE FAMILY: That's Chameleone's philosophy

Dream of getting into big parties in the US?
Jose Chameleone can help...
But only if you’re “good” friends with him though the obvious ticket to this kind of paradise is being his family member.
You see, Chameleone is currently on a music tour in the US and a source told Rafshizzle that the controversial artiste has been seen around Washington, D.C. with his parents.
Actually the source promised to send me photos of Chameleone in the Voice of America radio studios in Washington, D.C. The source said that Chameleone entered the V.O.A studios with his mother, father, son Abba and brother Weasal on Friday morning (obviously evening in Uganda).
I understand Chameleone has other shows in UK and he would be leaving the US soon but I’m yet to know if he will shift with the family again.
That can be a good ride…
Anyways, I’m muting until I get those photos…

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