Friday, August 31, 2007

I meet Juliana on the routine – Amon

Quickly, make sure you’re sitting down.
Because gossipmongers love it when they are settled.
Right, what I’m saying is: Amon Lukwago has admitted he meets with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, singer Juliana Kanyomozi on the routine…
But calm your beating hearts, friends.
It ain’t a turn round of love of sorts, but rather the singer has to collect “support” of their son Keron Lukwago from the father.
Red Pepper alleges that Juliana is seeing Amon “and they have resumed making love on the regular”, and this was after the pair was snapped in the same car at Shoprite Lugogo.
But when Rafshizzle asked him, Amon was frank: “I don’t deny meeting Juliana on the regular but it simply because she is the mother of my son and whenever we meet it is because I have to give her something for my son. Sometimes she has brought my son when I’m missing him. No love issues, all that in the tabloids is nonsense.”
Amon separated with Juliana more than two years ago and he got another girl, but he has been seen several times with Juliana hence prompting speculation that the pair could be only doing friendly fixtures.
Anyways, Rafshizzle is a firm believer in the whole truth and nothing but, so until I see rather I hear either Amon or Juliana confirm the return of their “bed game”, I will remain open-minded.

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