Thursday, August 16, 2007

Serious health worries for Bobi Wine

FIGHT AGAINST MALARIA: Bobi needs to use the right tools to fight the mosquitoes

It is now official there are health fears growing for the President of “The Ghetto Republic of Uganja…”
We are talking about Bobi Wine.
You know Bobi Wine “launched” his huge house in Magere along Gayaza Road recently and for all his well-wishers this was some nice thing to see.
However, Rafshizzle has learnt that all is not good at Bobi Wine’s home.
Him, his fiancée Barbie and their son Cyrus Kampala are visiting the hospital on a daily basis. Actually, a nurse at SAS Clinic along Bombo Road told Rafshizzle that the couple and their son go for medication on a daily basis.
And Bobi Wine himself also revealed to Rafshizzle: “I’m happy that now I own a house and not just a house but a massive house but my life is in danger because of the many mosquitoes in this place…”
A big bush and thick plants surround Bobi’s house and he has revealed that mosquitoes infect his family with malaria, “like they are on contract.”
The man was right when he sang about the wealthy ones who are miserable for reasons the public never get to know easily…
But on a serious note, Bobi, better find a solution for the mosquitoes ASAP, because remember malaria is Africa’s number one killer.Hope to see you shop for insecticide or mosquito nets soon…


kissyfur said...

The futility of life. It would be a shame spending all his life in the ghetto then to finally get out and die!

eddyslahh said...

...on adaily basis? that is one smart healthy president,...he'll definately serve longer.