Saturday, August 4, 2007

Kasyate in trouble!

CAPTION: People, can you help me trace Kasyate in this photo? Oh, I see, he is the guy in specs peeping at Miss Uganda

You see! I’m sure even you guys first thought about the new Miss Uganda Monica Kansiime Kasyate on reading the headline…
Anyways, here is a question for you: If you’re a celeb, and your young siblings also emerge into stardom, do you rally round to help them become bigger or you compete for the limelight?
Well, famous NTV/Monitor journalist Simon Kasyate has answered that little conundrum for you. (Help them but tell them not to try riding on your shoulder especially when it involves using the same name).
The CNN award-winning journalist wasted no time in asking his sister to drop the name Kasyate and stick to Monica Kansiime.
A source told Rafshizzle: “He realised there would be only one Kasyate to talk about in town and he told her that it was not proper for her to use three names…” “Then he explained he really did want to help her become more popular.”
But then I remember at the pageant, Kasyate (sorry, Kansiime) looked confident throughout and she even promised to outshine Simon Kasyate as a public figure once she wins the contest.
So, is Simon’s image under threat? Of course no but maybe yes!
Over to you Simon…

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