Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome Tom the king dancer!

He-We-Go-Now...He-We-Go-Down: Mr Mshindi in action

Who knew Tom Mshindi had it in him?
Huh, dancing talent, that is.
Wiggling, twirling, jumping and kicking back while at the Kitante Golf Course, the new managing director of Monitor Publications Limited showed off his talent during the farewell party for his predecessor Conrad Nkutu recently.
Of course everybody can dance but it takes the very brave to not only step out of several other managers, but to also pull those latest dance strokes that most of us can only watch on TV.
I’m talking about the ‘dangerous’ dance strokes that would need a proviso: “Please don’t try this at home” but a toned up Tom didn’t seem to have a care in the world...
And frankly it was good to see him proudly showing off his dance skills, after all one of the company’s values is being CREATIVE! Talk about leading by example because even some people gave up the stage and started cheering Tom.

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