Saturday, August 4, 2007

“Mayor is just getting English lessons”

PERFECT COMPANY: Mayor with his date at Miss Ug event

Many of you would agree that Kampala mayor needs some English polishing...
And luckily, he is getting it from more than one source.
Not only are his friends like MP Mike Mabikke helping him out, but a certain amount of love is also doing its bit.
During the Miss Uganda 2007 ceremony at Serena, Al-hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala relied on the accent of his white date to keep up with the accents of other guests who chatted him up.
Some whites greeted the mayor in Rafshizzle’s presence and I can tell you I couldn’t believe what I was hearing---what an accent, I first thought it was a British.
In fact, I was impressed that when the queen comes for Chogm in November, she won’t only talk to a mayor “who acts as he promised” but also a man with a British accent.
And it looks like the two (Mayor and his female friend/teacher, you understand) had quite a fun evening...Well, if appearing cosy in the public is anything to go by.
So, Your Highness The Queen, he’s a mayor with a British vision, British woman and a British accent…anything more you would like him to do, nyabo (sorry, madam)?

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