Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ganja Planter denies Bebe?

Ganja Planter: Marlon Asher (in shades) performs with Tigan at Sabrinas last Friday

OK, it’s time to own up and tell the truth...
And it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
We all saw that footage of Marlon Asher a.k.a Ganja Planter at the Silk Street Jam as he said, “Hi Uganda, get ready for the Ganja Planter, I will be in Uganda for Bebe Cool’s launch in September. One love…”
And we held our hands up proud and said yes we are ready.
I remember he mentioned the date of the concert and he said the name Bebe Cool but I almost jumped out of my shell yesterday when he told a press conference that he didn’t know about Bebe Cool until he landed in Uganda last week.
He was answering a question by one journalist who wanted to know if he had come specifically for Bebe Cool’s launch or for other artistes as well.
And Marlon said, “I didn’t know about Bebe Cool’s launch or someone else’s launch, all I knew was I was to perform at three concerts in Uganda…”
And on the contrary, Bebe Cool had just told the same conference that he himself contacted Marlon a few months ago “and we agreed he would perform at my launch.”
Hmm, who is fooling who?
You know, the fact is that Marlon arrived in Uganda last week on Wednesday (a week before Bebe Cool expected him) and he performed at Henry Tigan’s album launch at Sabrinas Pub on Friday hence sparking off one of the biggest fights in the industry involving Bebe Cool, KFM’s Bettina and US-based music promoter Suudi. Suudi connected Bebe Cool to Marlon and Bettina is Suudi’s local coordinator.
I had decided never to talk about this fracas due to conflict of interest but I cannot avoid telling the source of the fight.
Moreover, Bettina and Suudi have filed two different assault cases against Bebe Cool who “beat” them up for making Ganja Planter perform before his concert.
The situation is bound to be fierce, but I have every faith in these guys, being adults I hope they solve the matter in the most amicable way.

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