Friday, August 31, 2007

What’s up with the sisters!

Maz-what?: Sisters don't want to see what happens on a double bedThere’s something a little disturbing in the eyes of these sisters who had turned up for Radio Sapientia fete at Nsambya last week.
Can’t quite put your finger on it?
Well, let me help you.
The sisters expected to see only gospel artistes perform at the Sapetia fete but were shocked to see a cluster of secular artistes take on to the stage and do their thing.
Imagine, Mesach Semakula did his First Aid; Mega Dee marched on his Karibu Afande tune and Hilderman told them about Mazongoto! And like it was not disturbing enough, Haruna Mubiru appeared on stage to sing Ekitooke Kifa Nsalira while clad in Muslim attire (talk about looking like a Sheikh going for Friday prayers).
The sisters appreciated the fact that Haruna has his rights to respect his religion but they were left with no option but to turn their heads down after some old woman from the audience joined him on the stage to dance wild. When Haruna tried to get an up-close with her, the crowd got wild. He even did an Arabic song.
But that is not all.
Though it is disturbing to say, after the show some people stayed behind and you would see couples in the darkest of the corners treating themselves to their bodies.
Oh dear!

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