Sunday, July 29, 2007

Miss Uganda winner was known days before?

Hours before the Miss Uganda 2007 ceremony began at Serena Hotel on Saturday at 8 p.m., I rang a female friend whom I wanted to attend the pageant with and she told me she was no longer interested…
She mocked: “I can’t go for Miss Already Known…” meaning that she already knew the winner before the event.
“I have a cousin who is contesting and she called me and said they were just going to catwalk for exposure but Monica Kasyate is going to win,” she told me, “Mbu her mother bribed the organisers.”
And believe me, this friend of mine whose both names start with A, told me this story 10 hours before the event kick-started.
But maybe Kasyate was outstanding in the camp and so the other candidates just predicted right.
But then, I remember part of the audience also protested the judges’ decision by yelling “Aaah, cheats, it can’t be…”
Anyway, the reason why I decided not to write this before the contest is that I didn’t want to sabotage this contest which has been on and off and it is for the reason that I’m saying, I personally I’m convinced by the results.
Neither ugly nor beautiful is what Uganda wants but an intelligent, well-mannered and cultured woman and if Kasyate is that woman, then we better accept the results.
Actually, Solaya Zalwango and whoever helped her to organise this event deserve big kudos for such a magnificent yet brief and entertaining event.
Otherwise watch this space for my problems with the pageant.


Duksey said...

Kale i am so pissed at such allegations.First of all the Kasyate's lost their mum over a year ago so which mother bribed.

Personally monica was my choice i even predicted it coz she has what it takes.What the rest of you tnk is up to u.
Besides she was a nokia face of africa finalist so really what did u expect

kizito said...

How I miss miss Uganda! I mean, like that of the Zuenas.

lindwee said...

Rumors...rumors wherether they bribed or not, she deserved it after all she is intelligent and has been in the model field.
Hope she's gonna fulfil her promises.

Contact said...

loving ur blog

Sally said...

My family moved to Kitintale in 1995 and we were neighbour with the kasyate's.They had just lost their father and their mother also died a few years after that.
Simon has struggled to make ends meet for his younger siblings and I think he deserves a very big thank you from the public.
Did the mother come back from her grave to bribe the judges???