Friday, August 31, 2007

Maureen needs your support…

“Maureen, please leave the Big Brother House now...”
I’m sure those are not exactly the words the Ugandan representative in the Big Brother house would love to hear after just four weeks in the house...And of course, most Ugandans don’t wish her that neither.
So, what should we do because the reality is that she is up for eviction thanks to Bertha’s nugu
Ugandans have been showing a united front in most competitions.
Yep, you may be rivals with Maureen (in Uganda), but when it comes to the crunch in an outside country you should be behind her all the way.
In a week when everyone seems to have an opinion on her because of her intimacy with Malawian housemate Code, Ugandans are obliged to jump to the defence of the fashion designer.
Oh, guys you might miss her shower hour and Yoga stuff? Alright, there is a cure to that; one just has to send an SMS with the name Jeff (quote me well, send the words “VOTE JEFF”) to UTL: 5626, Celtel: 15626 or MTN: 15626. Remember each SMS costs Shs700 or alternatively one can vote on website for free. Voting ends Sunday evening just before eviction show.Thanks for saving Maureen…you know, there’s a lot about Uganda that she hasn’t told the world yet so we need to give her a chance.