Saturday, August 4, 2007

Many sentenced for fashion violation crimes

Yew, yew, yew, Nee-Nah, Nee-Nah...
That is the sound of the fashion police as they close in on their latest victims.
Folks, better take cover now because I can see the fashion police-patrol car heading to Serena Hotel where the Miss Uganda 2007 pageant took place.
Aya! Some people have finally been pulled up for their crimes against fashion. You see, I warned everyone about this and I’m glad that some like Straka---a usual victim---listened to me and she never showed-up for the event.
But now who are these bigheaded citizens who dared to come wearing anyhow at an event they very well know, is all about “good” fashion.
And if you ask me, I don’t know some of them though I’m trying to be very lenient with those I know where they work, so I won’t mention names and companies but of course the pictures are interesting (?) to look at.
I’m giving you the benefit of looking at them and maybe you can have your own comments…
Bannange, there’s only so much sartorial disturbance I can take.
So, I only hope and pray that if you see your photo here, you will learn your lesson…
Check out the gallery:
(Is there any of her things that you can't see? Smile, teeth, boobs,...and...)

(Mumy, they're surely good pants but what happened to things that fit you?)

(Bless yourselves for one of the few Ugandan blondes...)

(Did he want to be one 'man' in a million? No, he knew his destination {prison} & Fashion Police wouldn't struggle getting him prison clothes)

(Oh God, you gave her a very BEAUTIFUL bossom but please remind her of fashion...) Girl, are you preggie?


acacia said...

Rafshizzle, i agree she is way off on the top, but in terms of fashion, she is right on, ......that is the trend at the moment.

Savage said...

Just because a trend is on don't mean it's for everybody. This one is wrong for her.

eddyslahh said...

@savage am with u on that one