Friday, March 30, 2007

Chameleone for Mobos again!

Jose Chameleone won the Pam Award back-to-back (2003-2004) and now he is set to get a nod for Mobo Awards in a similar fashion.
After getting what he considered a surprise nomination in last year’s Music of Black Origin (Mobo) awards, East Africa’s heavyweight pop singer Chameleone is at it again.
A source from the Mobo organising committee sent Chameleone a message informing him that he has been short-listed again for the nomination under the category of Best African Act.
The Mobos normally first short-list eight nominees out of whom they choose the top five to appear on the list of the final nomination list in each category.
And the news is that Chameleone is back on the list of eight just waiting for June to see his fate.
Last year he lost out to Ghana’s Batman Samini who misses out on the list this year.
And I would like to say mawoko na mawoko (hand in hand) we can support Chameleone to become the first artiste from East and Central Africa to get an award from Britain’s prestigious awards organisation Mobo.

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