Friday, March 30, 2007

Sylvia Owori more than Preggie!

First of all, we must sprinkle a little reality over this story.
There has been no official word from Sylvia and or from her Mzungu boyfriend on the matter of a pregnancy but in regard to what I have witnessed there is no doubt she is.
Hope my point is clear!
Rafshizzle was at Simbamanyo Building just above Central Police Station Kampala the other day and guess who comes…Sylvia Owori in a maternity dress?
The interesting thing is that I had taken a friend for scanning at Kampala Imaging Centre, kumbe, Owori was also coming at the same place.
We were served first because we came first but as a voyeuristic mite, I kept around so as I could see why Owori had come for scanning although I had already started guessing the reason after seeing that much as she wanted her stomach to stay put, it had ideas beyond its station.
I happened to know that she wanted to know the condition of the baby in the womb however, I remain puzzled to this day about who exactly was the man I saw in her car that was left in the parking lot.
He resembled an artiste I know but I don’t want to insinuate and so I rest my case!

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Flora said...

Man if anything in the grape vine is anything to go by,i dare keep my imagination to myself.I cannot imagine that artiste anywhere inside that designer.Damn!! we need to launch a find the father campaign