Friday, March 23, 2007

Capital’s Bright Baba got the Deal!

I had decided to painfully remain hushed on this one but at this rate I cannot avoid talking about the Ugandans who are in the M-net game show Deal or No Deal.
You know those DStv guys want all contestants to be revealed on their respective days of play---for surprise purposes, but well they have somewhat let the cat of the bag.
If you are aware, you must have watched their promo playing on M-net where Uganda’s Bright Baba of Capital Radio is shown as a contestant.
The truth is that Bright played and won $10,000 (approximately Shs18 million)---at least the smallest of what has been won so far. You know previous winners like the Kenyan girl Sylvia won $12,000 and the first contestant Levey Sakala from Zambia won $18,000.
We won’t tell you how Bright played up to this amount of money because now that will be infringing and DStv could sue and neither are we going to mention the other Ugandans. But we would like to tell you that there are three Ugandans who played in the game and one is a woman.
Watch the space!

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Bright said...

Raf you got this one wrong. it was 11,200$