Sunday, March 4, 2007

I’m tired of this!

Here on Rafshizzle blog, I do nothing but gossip and I break the news!
I’m the gossip who gossips gossip!
Because I normally see it first and talk about it before somebody else does, I promise to write about it before anybody else does.
Well, you should expect some press channels to bring similar stories but I request that once you see their stories get back to my blog and check the date of publish and compare with mine! There you will get the news breaker, which in all probability would be me!
I’m saying this simply because some people have already started picking stories from my blog for their publications which I think is okay only if they attribute to the source. It’s either you acknowledge me for my information you picked or you don’t take the info. I always recognise the sources of my stories.
Sorry my readers because that was not the kind of your bread to chew but I promise that yours is coming soon because I will give you only what you want; gossip, gossip, gossip (non-stop) because I won’t stopppppppppppppppp……….

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