Friday, March 23, 2007

Kabaka wants Chameleone auto

Someone has ever told me he would feel extremely honoured to handover his wife to his king if he asked him to but now I wonder how would he feel if the king instead asked for his autograph.
Mad or overjoyed! And I guess that is how artiste Jose Chameleone is feeling after the king of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II “ordered” him to sign him an auto. (I’m using order because Kabaka doesn’t request!)
Through Buganda minister Kabuza Mukasa, Kabaka ordered Chameleone to sign on a CD with his two latest single Kolazizo and Abataasiga Nsigo, and send it to him.
In both songs Chameleone preaches hard work and urges the youth to work for themselves instead of bragging about their parents’ wealth. Kabaka Mutebi has for long been preaching the same gospel wherever he goes and so Chameleone’s songs could help extend his word. Moreover in Abataasiga Nsigo, Chameleone mentions Kabaka’s name hailing him for always reminding the youth about hard work (talk about Chameleone knowing pr).
The songs are repeatedly played on Buganda radio CBS and other FM stations.

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