Friday, March 16, 2007

Angelina hooks Vietnamese boy

MOVIE beauty ANGELINA JOLIE has named her new adopted son PEACEFUL SKY — after picking him from photos taken when she visited his Vietnamese orphanage.

The actress, 31, became besotted with the bashful three-year-old after he tried to hide from her last November.

An orphanage source said last night: “When Angelina came, all the children went out to greet her.

“But the boy hid and cried. She asked for photos of the children and she recognised him and said she would love to adopt him.”

The star has two other adopted kids — son Maddox, five, from Cambodia, and daughter Zahara, two, from Ethiopia.

She had her own baby, Shiloh, with film hunk partner BRAD PITT, 43, ten months ago.

Yesterday, Angelina returned with Maddox to the Tam Binh orphanage near Ho Chi Minh City to pick up her new son.

She has called him Pax Thien — which means Peaceful Sky.

Devoted ... couple with Shiloh and Zahara

Orphanage director Nguyen Van Trung said the Hollywood star greeted the boy with a kiss and a hug, but the child seemed shy.

He added: “He cried because, for him, they are strangers. Jolie was very moved.”

The boy’s real mother abandoned him as a baby. The orphanage source said: “He is a very emotional and obedient boy who loves football and gets on with the other children.”

Pictures show him in a yellow T-shirt surrounded by other children at the orphanage.

Adoption forms, signed on February 7 and seen by The Sun, show orphanage bosses had named him Pham Quang Sang, meaning Bright Light. Angelina acted alone in the adoption as Vietnamese laws bar unmarried couples. Brad didn’t travel with her due to film commitments.

Officials said the process was fast-tracked because of Angelina’s celeb status. The actress will have to stay for up to a week in Vietnam while her new son’s passport is processed. She and Brad have homes in California and New Orleans and recently splashed out £2million on a flat in Berlin.

NB: This story was reported by EMILY SMITH (US Editor) of The Sun online on MARCH 16, 2007

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