Sunday, March 4, 2007

Pastor Kiwewesi gets hitched

Jingle bells came and went and now it is the wedding bells in the air. And Rafshizzle can reveal to you that Kansanga Miracle Centre’s senior pastor Isaac Kiwewesi is wedding soon!
Sorry that a mere mention of Pastor Kiwewesi getting married could leave many girls and women disappointed, but like it or not we have to enlighten the truth.
Kiwewesi who is in his late 30s is getting married to a 23-year old beauty Sasha who works with Uganda Telecom.
However, it seems the pastor has been trying to keep the big news on the hush-hush for various reasons.
A source told me that last week Kiwewesi invited a few friends to what he had called a birthday party in Bunga only to shock them by pulling out an engagement ring and slips it onto Sasha’s middle finger. Utl’s Hans Paulsen and Peter Sematimba were among Kiwewesi’s friends at the private engagement party at Fire Masters’ boss Stokes’ residence. Meanwhile, several women and girls are preparing to obstruct the wedding on ground that they were each told by God that they would marry the pastor.
Mbu one even said Kiwewesi is risking his life if he doesn't marry her.
"I've been coming for services at this church for the last 11 years waiting to marry him and I cannot let someone just come out of the blue to grab him from me, " she said, "God sent a message in a dream that he is the man I will marry."

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