Friday, March 23, 2007

Queen Mother dodges parking ticket

When it comes to dodging taxes or parking tickets, you are not the only one but even the Royals do (at least the people close to them!).
Not convinced?
Well, I would like to tell you that last week I witnessed free drama at the Pioneer Mall parking lot as security guards tried to make the charge the Tooro Queen Mother’s car of parking fee. The car occupants had come for shopping at the mall but unfortunately my arrival was 5 minutes later than when everybody had entered the black Mercedes Benz. And I couldn’t see who was inside the car not even through the tinted windows.
Time check was 2 p.m. and when the driver of the car tried to drive off, the security guys told him to first pay but he refused. When he tried to forcibly leave, the security guys closed the gate hence prompting an exchange of hot words.
But before the whole Wilson Road population could gather at the scene, a bodyguard in army uniform got out of the Queen Mother’s car and forcibly opened the gate and even warned the gate keepers not to dare close it again lest they would regret the consequences.
They drove off leaving everybody in awe.
Rafshizzle can confirm this was the Queen Mother’s car but I cannot confirm whether she or any of her family members was in the car at the time of the conflict.

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