Monday, March 19, 2007

What's the deal with Deal or No Deal

Show: Deal or No Deal
Starring: Dr. Mich Egwang, Banker and 26 contestants
Showing on: M-net on DStv
Time: Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
Category: Game Show/Reality
Premiered: March 12, 2007

M-net proved they never run-out of ideas by launching a new breathtaking game show Deal Or No Deal, which puts contestants’ intuitions on the test.
26 contestants were selected from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia and Zambia and each of them plays in one of the 26 episodes in a bid to win $100,000 (approximately Shs182 million).
Episode One’s contestant, Zambian musician Levey Sakala gave the show an amazing start with his theatrics.
The show host, Uganda’s Mich started with elucidating the game’s mechanics before cameras rode our eyes to the 26 identical gold-plate suitcases each held by a beautiful model on a glittering platform.
Each suitcase has an identifying number from 1 to 26 on the front and inside them are labels stating different amounts of money ranging from $1 to $100,000, which is only seen after a contestant chooses to open a particular suitcase.
And when Mich invited Sakala to start the game, the chubby artiste picked suitcase number 7, which he thought contained the $100,000 and so it was in his interest to keep it sealed and open the remaining 25.
Each figure appears in only one case, so any values revealed in the uncovering process are not in the contestant’s case and if a contestant opens several suitcases with little money there is a hint his/her suitcase could be having the highest amount.
However, the Banker (a mysterious character shown only in silhouette and who acts as the contestant’s antagonist whose money is notionally at stake in the game) usually offers to buy the suitcase back.
After Sakala had opened four suitcases the Banker made an offer of $1,200 through Mich via telephone but Sakala refused it by closing the glass case that covers a red button, which a contestant presses to accept the deal.
You need to stay in the middle of greediness and moderateness because you might say “no deal” and you keep a suitcase with less money than the Banker’s offer and/or you might sell your suitcase at a lower amount than what it contains.
Sakala got a standing ovation from the audience when he managed to force the Banker to raise the offer up to $29,500 after several rounds but he lost it when he picked the suitcase containing the highest amount prompting the Banker to reduce his offer to $18,000.
Sakala gave in and eventually pressed the red button to accept the $18,000 (approximately Shs32 million).
The Banker’s offers seem to be unfair despite a paradox that an independent adjudicator seals all the suitcases and not even the presenter, model, contestant, Banker or the production team knows the value inside each suitcase before the game.
There are three Ugandans in the competition and the show resumes on Monday.

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