Sunday, March 4, 2007

Angelina Jolie skips Oscars for African visit

Once the used and unused acceptance speeches at the Oscars were popped in the bin, actors and actresses in Hollywood switched to sorts of parties.
But many could be wondering why Angelina Jolie has skipped all the Oscar festivities.
Rafshizzle has the answer: she skipped the Oscars for a good cause.
People Magazine reported that The Goodwill Ambassador travelled to Africa over the weekend on behalf of the United Nations.
Jolie who was in Namibia in April last year arrived in the town of N’Djamena, Chad on Sunday to help raise awareness and monitor the ongoing crises in the region.
She is expected to stay in Africa for several days and is scheduled to visit refugee camps in Chad and Sudan. And sources in Northern Uganda told Rafshizzle the actress could make a surprise visit to Uganda, however there are worries of security after the truce between UPDF and LRA ended on Wednesday.
The source said there are cautious preparations of hosting Jolie who is expected to stay for hours before returning to Chad.

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