Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maddox's Abato CD review

Artiste: Maddox Sematimba
Album: Abato
Number of Tracks: 12
Key tracks: Nakatudde & Abato
Reviewed by: Abbey Rafsanjan

Some artistes impose themselves through releasing numerous (poor) songs to stay in the limelight, however, Maddox remains on the scene with his few but polished songs.
His debut album Namagembe was released in 2000 and picked in late 2001 but stayed a record three years on the chart shows and distributor Kasiwukira reckons it as the best-selling local album ever.
And Maddox’s latest album Abato (2006) is simply a good follow up although it is still struggling to strike.
The reggae CD comprises Nakatudde, Nga Olabye, Wa Nsonyi, Leka Nkulage, Kabiite, Come Let’s Rock, All Time Lover, Easy, Fed Up, Won’t Give Up, Kampala and title track Abato.
Abato is a blend of rock reggae with Bakisimba drumbeats. In Abato Maddox pleads to the grown-ups to respect and love the young ones---surely a song that all but Aisha Nabukeera’s stepmother should understand. Maddox sings: “Care about the children, feed them well, teach them, don’t harass them because they are not only the future but also a gift from God…”
The people’s favourite Nakatudde has been rocking for over a year and last year it earned Maddox a Pam Award nod for Reggae Artiste of the Year.
But my first choice is the lovers-rock Wa Nsonyi, which eases your ears with some real melodic and mellow singing over guitars as Maddox eulogises his well-mannered, yet shy girlfriend. And he explains that she prefers to stay home and avoid the rich men who could inveigle her.
Kabiite and Leka Nkulage are also love songs whereas Kampala is a tribute to the city that houses a collection of people from different tribes including expatriates.
Nga Olabye consoles the heartbroken ones and Maddox advises them to apologise, however, to remain hopeful even when things fail to work out.
The other fives songs, Fed Up, Come Let’s Rock, All Time Lover, Easy and Won’t Give Up are in English.
Fed Up lambastes people who pick-on others and is a hit on Capital FM whilst All Time Lover would be a perfect number for a date, just talking about a lover of all seasons---the one who loves you in morning, afternoon and evening. This is a timeless album.

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