Monday, March 19, 2007

Jose Chameleone in child row in UK

Some of us thought that Chameleone’s trip to Europe last week was specifically to visit his brothers in Ireland like he said, but nay! News from UK is that Chameleone (real names Joseph Mayanja) is instead battling for custody of his daughter with ex-wife Dorotia. The source said Chameleone has since failed an attempt to persuade Dorotia’s relatives to give him his daughter Ayla Mayanja. Dorotia is on a 14-year imprisonment penalty after a Norwich City judge found her guilty of carrying 20 kilograms of cocaine at Norwich Airport in June last year.
A source told Rafshizzle that after failing on a peaceful agreement, Chameleone has even threatened that he would sue his ex-sisters-in-law in Belgium---all in the name of securing the custody of Ayla. Chameleone who was denied access to Dorotia in prison had earlier told us that he wanted to talk to Dorotia so as to know “about what is next for Ayla from her.”
“I thought that if one parent dies or gets imprisoned, the remaining one takes custody of the children,” he said, “Can you imagine these people (Dorotia’s relatives) even refuse me to talk to my daughter ever since her mother was arrested.”
A source said Chameleone is using the 5000 pounds he signed for a performance deal in England to pursue custody of his daughter.
He would travel to Belgium this week where he expects to talk to his 5-year-old daughter before he returns to Uganda.

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k-love said...

rafshizzle i guess its better for you to get your information correct before publishing it.chameleone was in ireland at that time and did perfom to a large crowd of africans and europeans so when we the pple in ireland read such comments ,we can never believe any more of your stories.BIG UP JOSE CHAMELEONE