Friday, March 30, 2007

Sagara set to wed Miss Uganda Asiimwe

Now this one is hard to convince people about but I am sure the truth will always prevail!
Like it or not but Daily Monitor’s scribe Harry Sagara is wedding the reigning Miss Uganda Praise Asiimwe!
I hope even if I stopped here, you would have understood it.
The story is that on March 29, a source for Rafshizzle met Sagara in town and during the course of their conversation the source happened to land on a sample of invitation cards and a poster announcing Sagara & Asiimwe’s wedding.
The source said he first thought that maybe the lad was arranging the papers to take us for a ride (like he normally does in his column Saggy’s Wacky World) but when the source saw a wedding budget proposal and wedding meeting schedules on paper, he was forced to ask Sagara what was going on.
And you know what answer Sagara gave, “yes but don’t tell anybody else. This will be known soon but it is not ripe yet for public consumption.”
Mbu Sagara even told the source that by the time Praise gives up her Miss Uganda crown in the last quarter of the year, she would have become Praise Sagara.
They are going for introductions at the girls home in Rukungiri and you better watch the space for more developements.
I know some of you are saying that will be the kind of “Beauty and Beast Wedding!” but here at Rafshizzle we respect everybody’s choice.
Well, if any of you guys doubt this story please wait for July and you will be shocked, however, for you who have more info about the Sagara-Asiimwe affair and you are willing to help, please send in those comments.

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