Friday, March 30, 2007

Kisumuluzo opens Sweden gates for Tool Man

What about singing a song and it does for you what you sing about in it?
After his song Kisumuluzo has put him in the limelight he has been hunting for the last seven years, artiste Tool Man has started enjoying what prominence comes with. I mean the good things!
The lad is set to leave Uganda for Sweden where he is scheduled to perform with Sweden-based reggae maestro Maddox Sematimba on an Easter Season Tour.
Sources in Sweden told Rafshizzle that Maddox chose Tool Man to back him on the tour after Bebe Cool backed-off the show at the last minute.
Bebe Cool was supposed to embark on the tour with his reggae counterpart Maddox for what was expected-to-be a “fantastic tour” on Easter weekend but was ruled out by other commitments.
And Maddox said he couldn’t think of any other replacement better than Tool Man whose song Kisumuluzo is the biggest hit among Ugandan community in Sweden.Surely this “kisumuluzo” (the key) has opened the gates for Tool Man.

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