Thursday, July 12, 2007

I went to US, so what?

CAPTION: Akon performs in Dar es Salaam last year. Photo by Rafsanjan

The only thing that I’m scared of these days is not living up to the expectations of God and maybe my mum as well.
Some people are desperate. They should be talking about their problems, not whether I will be able to bring in Akon for a show in Uganda…I mean, it was me who chose to say I wanted to bring one of the biggest stars from Hollywood to perform in Uganda and it is up to me to see that my word comes to pass.
Eh! Was I quarrelling?
Kind of?
Sorry people, I just wanted to make a point that whether you think I can or can’t bring Akon, the truth will remain that I flew to the United States of America last week and met with artistes like Akon, Busta Rhymes and Ken Rogers.
On the sponsorship card of Tanzanian tycoon Joseph Kusaga, we left Dar es Salaam on Wednesday July 4 with his younger brother Godfrey and another white and friend of Akon called James Kinsey and we headed for Atlanta.
What I can say is that right now I’m doing a study on five artistes, Akon, Busta, Ken Rogers, Koffi Olomidde and Rupee and whoever happens to be the greater deal is to feature at the first ever Uganda Fiesta, a version of Tanzanian (annual) Fiesta. The Tanzania Fiesta is organised by Kusaga who also owns two radio stations including the popular Clouds FM and a TV station.
We want the event to take place on the weekend after the Muslim holly month of Ramadan, which is expected around October 15. That means the event is slated for October 22---two weeks to the Pam awards main ceremony.
Every arrangement is subject to change.
I know most of you would like to know a few things about Akon and Busta. Anyways, Akon’s doormat is green and he prayed five times a day for the day we spent at his house negotiating the deal. He has two studios in his house; one with traditional instruments like drums and percussions and the other studio has modern electric instruments. Actually, he played the drums and started singing and he told us he could make a hit in what he was doing (in a minute)…we believed him because we were overwhelmed and for Busta, I didn’t talk to him though I heard what he was saying and he told our trip leader that he could only come to Africa for $12,500 per show.
Now, that seems enough of an explanation because I don’t think I must prove something here…for all this time people have trusted me for telling the truth and I don’t think I would change just because people have to believe I have ever been in the US.
I went, period!
I’m not trying to save Uganda as a promoter or events’ organiser, it just ain’t me.
You know, in Uganda we follow the saying, “Let the devil take the hindmost” and a Ugandan man becomes as attractive as an attractive woman when he becomes successful and is publicly noted. Power’s an aphrodisiac.
Nowadays, anger is one of my most comfortable feelings because I have kids who already have a perception of me that says I’m for Kiwani.
Only time can prove them wrong.


media said...

Like ya US visa was sitted there waiting for you?

media said...

why do you keep saying Akon is the hottest artiste in Hollywood when he lives in Atlanta?

And where are the pictures to prove you were in the U.S? Since you are gloating so much about it show proof.

Not hating, just hate posers.