Friday, July 20, 2007

Bobi closes Mary J depot?

CAPTION: Bobi and fiance Barbie at the show

I salute President Bobi Wine for one thing. He is one guy who picks something, popularises it and then he owns it and all people will start associating him with it.
Remember things like calypso dance becoming Bada dance and words like Kikomando, Kiwani, Taata W’abaana and the likes…
And now he has picked the late Kafeero’s song Dippo Nazzigala that he sings at every event these days. However, Bobi has replaced some words in the song.
For instance he says Essada (marijuana) instead of Waraji (as said by Kafeero).
He did the song at Ronald Mayinja’s launch last week and everyone was impressed when he included Chameleone’s name in the song.
He sang “…twali bamanyi okusinga ku sabba ssaba nga ne muzeeyi Mayanja omukwatako tumuggunda n’akimattira…” meaning we were strong guns in that whenever Mayanja attacked us, we would thump him seriously.
Chameleone’s real name is Mayanja.
No more debate!Except, did Bobi really close the Essada depot?


Iwaya said...

How come there is no story followup on the snog you reported between Bobi and Juliana and the effect it has had on the "happy" couple in the pix here?

rastafari said...

hey bobi wat aguarn bwoy seen no
well roud bwoy i will like to work with yo man i like what u re doin man u know what i mean man seen respect i always liked what u do and u so taented in danchall as i see man