Friday, July 20, 2007

Namayanja is “angrily” preggie

CAPTION: Camera-aware Namayanja at Mayinja's launch.

Call me a serious journalist who should be chasing stories like “Chogm meeting postponed,” but I just love to watch women in maternity dresses. Especially if they are VIPs in the country.
And I believe some of you also love watching a pregnant woman’s technique, while I’m interested in knowing why their tummies are bulging...
How fortunate for me, then, that Sarah Namayanja came for Ronald Mayinja’s album launch at Hotel Africana last week.
Seated next to Kawempe South MP, Latif Sebaggala, Namayanja was in a white maternity that helped me a bit in knowing what had gone on with her life in recent months.
But just when I was about to call a pregnancy expert to explain to me, Namayanja herself let the cat out of the bag by screaming at journalists who were trying to take her photo as she walked past the swimming pool.
“You idiots…am I the first woman to get pregnant,” she screamed, “Shut your cameras up, you brats…”
I guess she will punch me if I ever mention that one of the Sebaggalas owns her baby.
You know, she works in the President’s office and she is a strong Movementist but the father of her baby is a brother of staunch DP members and he is also a DP.
Eh, what a combination…Naava-Sebaggala style!


Iwaya said...

Exactly who is this woman to merit our blog attention, Raf?

Elvis said...

Sounds to me like Raf and this chic have major beef. Unfulfilled requests maybe???