Thursday, July 12, 2007

So why did Otafiire meet Ashraf?

I had just about gotten bored of speculating about what is behind the scenes of Ashraf Simwogerere’s new movie The Honourable.
But speaking remarkably candidly to Rafshizzle, the chubby actor has cleared things up for me once and for all.
When speaking about meeting minister of local government Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire in his office on Workers House on June 29 at 2 p.m., the actor said the meeting was not about the new movie The Honourable “but another upcoming controversial feature film titled Night in the Day.”
Ashraf says he had sent a proposal to State House for the sponsorship of the film that would disclose some of the brutal deeds by former presidents Obote and Amin that “forced” President Museveni into the bush.
“If someone was killed at 3 p.m. in town, it would look like they were in the wrong because the curfew required people to leave town as early as 2 p.m.,” Ashraf said, “In other words it was a night in the day.”
However, the story of the making of the film took another twist when FDC learnt of the script and yet they think there is nothing good that should be shown about the current government.
Consequently, FDC invited Ashraf and promised to sponsor the making of the film as long as he agreed to have the opposite of the story and also change the title to Day in the Night---showing people who stealthily rob the country in the night when everybody is sleeping.
And when Otafiire knew of the Ashraf – FDC meeting, he called him urgently to his office and told him not to even try to meet FDC again.
For all the developments, watch this space because I will keep you posted.


Iwaya said...

May the highest bidder win!

wanjiku said...


Please be informed that Conrad Nkutu has been having a girlfriend. The so called beacon of MD hope for Uganda.

The lady has been featured in kenyan media driving a lexus which it has been said was purchased for her by Conrad. They are always seen around the biggest
hotels like the Serena, Stanley and the Intercontinental.

It has been happening since he came to kenya. Apparently they met in a different country before his demise from The Monitor. That is why he accepted his transfer here very happily. Word has it, his live in wife in Kampala is outraged and has threatened to leave him.