Thursday, July 19, 2007

A bum escape again!

CAPTION: Loketo Lee in Gulu last year (still waiting for Ethiopia photos)

Somebody had better call the bum police...
We have an escapee heading north of Uganda in a country called Ethiopia.
The suspect was encased in a pair of black trousers and belongs to a rough brother---actually this is not the first time the owner is letting his dog (sorry bum) out!
Think you can identify him and make the arrest yourself?
Don’t misuse your time guessing…it is Loketo Lee at it again.
Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that Loketo stunned a full house audience in Addis Ababa last Sunday where he had gone to perform at an album launch.
A source said, “this time it was even worse than what you saw in Gulu last year…Loketo undressed up to his final underpants.” “Even his thing was protruding through the underwear but surprisingly ladies applauded him and they were all dying to touch him after the show.”
Hmm, I have lost words because much as it stinks for some of us it seems the stunt works for the brother and I can assure you that we shall witness more bum misdemeanours...

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