Thursday, July 12, 2007

Singer Refigah in fatal accident

The only thing that joins artistes and cars is accident!
Kenyan artiste Yusuf Noah, commonly known as, Refigah has been discharged after two weeks in hospital.
Refigah is popular in Uganda for his song BannaKampala featuring Buchaman.
The Kenyan baritone-voiced singer was involved in a serious car accident two weeks ago late in the night as he headed back to Nairobi from Kisii where he had staged a show at Club Oxygen.
The accident took place at a village situated 20 kilometres from Kericho town.
In the car he was with his back-up singer Maurysha, his driver and two bouncers and they were all admitted with injuries.
However, after undergoing serious treatment, they all left the hospital.


miss jackson said...

Rafshizzle, when someone is in a fatal accident, i would think it means that they didnt survive or that the person died, so when you report that the singer was in a fatal accident and was discharged after 2 weeks, its a little contradictory. Thanks for the lugambo though.

gfive said...

Thank you so much... i didnt have the knowledge in this now i get an idea about this.. thks a lot

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