Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seeing Conrad Nkutu in the US

I spy with my little eye...and who do I see?
Former managing director of Monitor Publications Limited, Mr Conrad Nkutu leaving Uganda heading to the United States of America last week.
At first I failed to get it, because I thought the man was supposed to be arranging his new office in Nairobi but then I learnt that he was given a month off and he decided to go on a holiday in the US.
You know, he has brothers there.
And he left without his wife.
Strange, I also know. But that is how it seems to work.
Who said, I went with mine?
Eh, mpozzi my trip was for just two days.

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wanjiku said...


Please be informed that Conrad Nkutu has been having a girlfriend. The so called beacon of MD hope for Uganda.

The lady has been featured in kenyan media driving a lexus which it has been said was purchased for her by Conrad. They are always seen around the biggest
hotels like the Serena, Stanley and the Intercontinental.

It has been happening since he came to kenya. Apparently they met in a different country before his demise from The Monitor. That is why he accepted his transfer here very happily. Word has it, his live in wife in Kampala is outraged and has threatened to leave him.