Monday, April 23, 2007

Rasta Rob MC is very ill!

There have been several contradicting reports on the whereabouts of Uganda’s best DJ ever Rasta Rob MC. Some people have been saying that Rasta Rob is in DR Congo---living with the country’s President Joseph Kabira who is his bosom-buddy.
But Rafshizzle would like to exclusively inform you that Rasta Rob lives in Portsmouth in England and he last visited Kabira in Congo eight months ago.
However, all is not fine for the man who is considered Uganda’s best radio presenter ever, as far as health is concerned.
A source in England told me that Rasta Rob has since February resigned his bouncer job at a London nightclub due to serious sickness.
“He is very ill, and I mean it, because he is on bed in Portsmouth Private Hospital,” said the source, “Anything can happen to him right now but he needs people’s prayers…his health is not fine.”
Recent photos showed a brawny Rasta Rob smiling with nice shades but the source said the “ranting master” has shed pounds in a short period and he is not looking good any more.
Moreover, nobody knows what he is suffering from and the source said it is “a rare sickness.”
As a big fan of Rasta Rob MC “Sambusa Goodie, Goodie Ow’akabi” I would like to publicly wish him all the best and a quick recovery.And for that reason during the B2K Nite, a local music theme night at Club Volts this Friday, there would be a 10-minute play of music as a tribute to Rasta Rob’s contribution to the industry.