Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ragga Dee saw Rasta Rob recently and says...

Rafshizzle broke the news of Uganda’s best DJ ever Rasta Rob MC being sick and now messages have been coming in.
I also talked about it on KFM and it’s probably where his olden friend artiste Ragga Dee heard it.
I met Ragga Dee in town yesterday and before saying anything else, he said he wanted to know who brought the news of Rasta Rob being sick.
He said he had met Rasta Rob in London four months ago and “he was alive and kicking.”
However, Ragga Dee said anything could have happened in the period of four months.
He promised to contact Rasta Rob on his personal address and he would get back to Rafshizzle.
Isn’t that enough reason for you to watch this space!
In the meantime, enjoy a collection of photos of Rasta Rob and Ragga Dee in 1997.

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