Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barbara Yata is my woman---DJ Shiru

When I saw this I was like, ‘Eh, Eh maybe the idea of a TV/radio presenter and a discotheque DJ is an automatic passport to correct coupling…’ but then I remembered that many have failed to stand the test of even the least time.
However, I have to say, KFM and WBS’ Barbara Yata and her new boyf Club Silk’s DJ Shiru Kiberu do look good together.
I met the couple at the East African Carnival in Munyonyo last Sunday and I needed not a love-meter to realise their love was at the highest peak.
As intimate as could imagine. Temperatures rose between them (on such a cold night). They were all over each other; they moved hand-in-hand and Shiru was demoted to carrying Barbara’s microphone, which she was to use to interview the star performers of the night. After a snack, the two decided to go to a dark corner near the lake and lounged on the cold grass, giggling time and again. You could hear their laughter but it was the opposite for the words they said to each other.
Then Shiru told a Weekly Observer journalist to help him keep the seat for his (Shiru’s) wife.
I was also flabbergasted to hear Shiru talk about “my wife” and guess who do I see in a blink of an eye…the real, actually original Barbara, looking cold and ready to be warmed by the king mixer.
Shiru was bold enough and introduced Barbara as his woman.
Shiru then left Barbara to go and spin the discs for the foreign artistes but after the show they were together again.
They left the venue together and after dropping the cameras at WBS/Spear House, the couple left for a destination I could not know…yes, because I stalked them to their home that would be against the law.
After all Shiru confirmed Barbara is his "wife"...but are they married?
Watch the space!

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