Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Odonga Otto’s Parliamentary family

I was of the opinion that the Parliament is a respected place for only MPs and maybe other VIPs who go there for special programs.
But hell, if even Odonga Otto’s whole family frequents Parliament, then sign me up too.
Otto has at several occasions made an appearance with his wife and daughter in Parliament, accompanied by his younger brother and maybe we are about to see him with his grandpa.
And, as you can guess, it is because sometime back fellow MP Ruth Nankabiirwa abused him and said he was just another “young boy making noise in parliament.”
Since then, Otto has always decided to come with his family in parliament just to remind Nankabiirwa that he has a wife and kids---era amalako!
Rafshizzle would say, it is good for the daughter to attend Parliament because maybe one time we could get another Lukyamuzi-Suzan kind of power transfer but my only worry is; Otto is an opposition member and teargas sometimes comes to Parliament!

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