Monday, April 23, 2007

Capital’s Hakeem is “a freelance lover”

Capital FM presenter Hakeem Saga’s love life has more swings and roundabouts than your local park.
Today he is loving Miss MUK, tomorrow he is with Miss KIU and don’t expect Miss MUBS to survive him the next day…
You know, when he dated former Miss KIU Elizabeth for some good time we thought that the lad had finally settled and he would finally pop that question with a diamond ring but wapi!
As you read this Hakeem is as single as a nose and he is looking for another girlfriend.
He told me they separated with Eliza because of “irreconcilable differences.”
However, a source told me that the girl caught him pants down cheating on her and he refused to apologise---like many of you guys!
“Man right now I’m a freelancer, I don’t have a permanent girlfriend,” said Hakeem, “I will get another one but at least not tomorrow.”
However, the source said Hakeem has been seen with another young girl called Angel.
Alas, Angel split with her three-year boyfriend Kenneth because he was also in another relationship... ouch.
Watch this space!

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isaac said...

yo guys ,im hakeems bro living in London and during ma last visit ot Uganda recently , da guy was a settled lad so give him a slag and mind of only his great radio talent and leave his private life