Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scarce Naava Nabagesera is pregnant

As others go for bird watching, nowadays I have switched to what I should call “preggie lady watching.”
First was Sylvia Owori with a bulging tummy then Sharon (Obsessions) to Prossy Kankunda, and before I could mention all the other VIP ladies who are pregnant one special one passed by my eyes.
She is called Naava Nabagesera and for her she is more than just pregnant but both happily and heavily pregnant!
How do I see her: I was a Sunday after when I had gone for lunch at The Emin Pasha Hotel in Nakasero. I went somewhat late for lunch (around 3:50 p.m.) as some people started leaving and amongst the guests leaving was a heavy and weary-looking (but smiling) Naava. She was in a glittering blue maternity dress.
In her company was a tall gentleman putting on white pants a long sleeved white shirt, and another lady in a red dress.
They walked slowly to Naava’s pace until they entered a green Corolla Estate registered number UAH 141B, which the man drove.
I know many of you are wondering which lucky man this could be!Wamma mama Naava, I wish you a good time to reap what you sowed!

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