Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cantankerous curses booze!

Allan Mugisha “the cantankerous” was discharged from Nsambya Hospital the other day after an operation on his lungs.
For some of us who went to see him on his bed, we couldn’t imagine seeing him back on the road walking but well God is great and the guy is starting to feel better.
While on his bed Allan asked all of us a question, I swear not even the good answerer like President Museveni would sweat to answer.
On drip and with his entire body operating with the help of machines, Allan looked fragile and had difficult in breathe but then that was not traumatising enough like the question he asked as he looked like he was dying any second: “What is the meaning of life…?”
That question brought tears in our eyes and now it is not surprising that he has decided to quit booze.
When I talked to him, Allan said, “There are things I have decided to avoid because they don’t like me,” he said, “Booze hates me and I think I shouldn’t allow turning the other cheek.”
In the photo: Allan 2 days after leaving the hospital.

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irene said...

May his soul rest in eternal peace;irene from Canada.