Monday, September 24, 2007

What makes Briton MP O’Brien an African

MOTHERLAND UG: Stephen O'Brien enters a hut in Amuru IDP camp on Sept. 19

This one is a very humorous politician.
I’m talking about the Conservative Member of Parliament for Eddisbury, United Kingdom, Mr Stephen O’Brien who left many Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Gulu and Amuru districts beaming over with joy when he said he belongs together with them.
“I was born in Tanzania and my coming to Uganda is a return to my home East Africa,” he said, “All of you here are my sisters and brothers.”
He said this after he had just exited a hut in Amuru IDP camp where he played freely with kids.
Mr O’Brien, who is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Malaria Consortium and Britain’s Shadow Minister for Health, and he left on Saturday.
And it was publicised that he came purposely to boost the Malaria crusade and follow-up on projects by the Malaria Consortium in Uganda but as usual Rafshizzle brings you the news behind the news.
It was indeed a return home because the latest at my desk is that O’Brien and his wife owns Cooper Uganda Limited and his major reason for coming was to celebrate 40 years of Cooper Uganda Limited held at Sheraton Hotel on September 18.
Cooper is the leader in the distribution of veterinary Pharmaceuticals, assorted equipment and environmental health products in the country. Coopers is also actively involved in public health with products which include Insecticide Treated Mosquito nets (Cooper-Net), Interceptor long lasting Insecticide Treated Net, indoor residual spray chemicals, Fendona and household sprays (Farco rapid kill insecticide, and other Farco rat killer).
Now you can see the connection? Well, watch the space as I return with how much he was paid to tour northern Uganda!
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