Monday, September 17, 2007

Sengo mugged in UK over Rakim’s death!

CAPTION: Sengo hides his face at Entebbe Airport during his recent visit to Uganda.

A LOT has been said on the death of UK-based music promoter Rakim Owori, and Rafshizzle is not ready to join that confusion especially over the stuff that grabbed his life…
However, there is only one story that cannot go without my interest and this is the beating-up of another music promoter tycoon Yunus Sengo of the famous Hummers and Range Rover cars that caused a stir on Kampala streets some time back…
A VERY reliable source told Rafshizzle that Sengo was thumped to pulp by a clique of Ugandans in London as he tried to rob them of their money in regard to Rakim’s death.
“Sengo invoked all Ugandans in London to go to his nightclub and pay seventy pounds as entrance fee on grounds that he would use all the proceeds to transport Rakim’s body back home (England to Uganda),” said the source, “But things went sour for him when one of the mourners learnt from a relative in Kampala that actually Rakim died in Uganda.”
The source said that the war in the club was sparked-off by a lady who started hauling all sorts of insults to Sengo and a man standing next to her threw a punch that touched his left jaw. The source also said that when Sengo tried to retaliate, a gang went for him and they started punching him until police intervened. He was left with serious injuries.
What an entry into the Holy Month of Ramadan, Swahaba Yunus…Let me reserve my comments…otherwise, over to you Sengo!

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We as Ugandan, we have all been very proude of Sengo for his great achievement and his femous club which make most of the Ugandan Londoners.its such a spakling misory that he makes money is such a frastrating way.Every work has got a doing so,punches were the rewards he got.I will reserve my words for the day.and just say sengo please take care.