Friday, September 14, 2007

Rafshizzle unveils Maureen’s boyfriend

We have watched her during Shower Hour in the Big Brother House and we have seen what her mama gave her.
But which lucky lad is the man in Maureen Namatovu’s life.
Don’t look any farther than the National Drug Authority.
A source told Rafshizzle that Maureen’s guy is a senior employee at NDA and that he is called Moses (I’m not ready to give second name but if you think I’m pulling your legs, his phone number starts with 82 and ends with 08, it’s actually a 0772)
Oh, God why am I going this far…
And with all that is happening between Maureen and the Malawian guy Code in the BB house, I know most people are eager to know Moses’ reaction.
But I could guess the guy doesn’t care any more if Maureen’s words are anything to go by.
Remember last week she told Code that she is uncertain of her relation with her boyfriend (Moses) because he didn’t support the whole thing of her going for Big Brother.
That he even refused to accompany her to the airport when she was leaving Uganda for South Africa and she didn’t call to ask how she was after she checked in a hotel in South Africa even if they had given him her hotel room number.
And now with the kissing and touching and all the crazy things between Maureen and Code in the BB house, it will need God’s intervention to convince Moses that Big Brother is just game and game but a dirty game where you can do anything in the name of Shs100,000.
Over to you, Moses.

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