Friday, September 14, 2007

Bobi Wine’s dig on Katongole

While some of you focus on the issue of Bobi Wine pirating Lord Laro’s song World News to make his reggae tune Abalungi Balumya, I spy with my little eyes and ears...
There is another story behind this song and I just don’t get it, and probably never will I.
Why celebs always fight for the same girls and yet we think they have the means to have as many as they would want…
Perhaps it’s a game?
Check out the video of Abalungi Balumya and see the girl in it. She is an actress and ex-girl-lover of Beat FM presenter Dennis Katongole (Omutongole). She chose the Ghetto President over the local presenter. The break-up forced Katongole to release a song titled Kankute, calling her back.
But to expose it more Bobi Wine put her in the video where a woman walks out on some guy even if the guy is insisting on calling her back.
Little wonder, Bobi opens the song with the words, “ooh ooh, this is a true bad man love story…”

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polo said...

That was a good article man. its now obvious that Bobi was shellinh that katongole in that song. poor omutongole :)