Monday, September 24, 2007

Rwandans Baying For Chameleone's Blood

HEAD-SCRATCHING: Chameleone is at logger-heads with Rwandan refugees

What do Jose Chameleone and President Yoweri Museveni have in common?
Rwandans always wade in with an opinion on their lives – and with a lot of negativity!
If you ask Chameleone the matter giving him a terrible head-scratch today he will tell you the Rwandan refugees who hired him to perform in UK but he never turned-up.
And now the Rwandan fellas are taking the matter political, and the office of Vice President is already aware of the matter, which Rwandans are relating to the poor relationship between the two countries.
“Can you imagine these guys (Rwandans) have made the matter political and they are swearing to do anything possible to tarnish Chameleone’s name,” said a source in the VP’s office.
However, Chameleone’s brother Humphrey Mayanja, who also coordinated the deal, said that the show flopped because of the Rwandan organisers’ disloyalty.
He said: “We initially asked for 3,000 pounds for the show but they convinced us to accept half of that saying that it was a charity show and moreover Akon was to perform at the same event and so Chameleone would get massive publicity. But as days went on, they kept changing words and we discovered that actually Akon was never to perform there. However, Chameleone was willing to take the burden and perform alone until when they wanted him to even use the deposit they gave him to buy three visas for him and his two back-up singers.”
“A UK visa in the US is $450 but they told Chameleone to use the deposit which was 750 pounds to buy three visas and moreover this communication was made quite, merely a week to the event,” continued Humphrey.
Meanwhile, Chameleone has said he would perform for these Rwandans again if the show is rescheduled and there are better arrangements.
Hope it ends well...

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