Monday, September 24, 2007

IDP Kids Love To Party

LET'S GO DOWN: Gulu kids get jiggy with it at Gulu University

If Street Kids in Kampala can get their groove life back with music played in the red-light-districts then so can the suffering kids of northern Uganda.
The village kids were seen getting jiggy with it during the MTN Campus Fest at Gulu University last week.
I love kids but mostly I love seeing kids happy and it was my pleasure to see the Gulu kids having an enjoyable evening---and they were happy to be pictured together. Their love and togetherness that night washed away the image I had of them---I used to think they can only think about violence.
They have suffered a lot and it is our task to help them get back happiness because they can.
Gulu kids you are the champions of freestyle dancing starting this year until further notice.

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